Who can use sourcerer?

Anyone can make a request for parts in any supported category. Your request is immediately forwarded to every registered parts dealer on the system who wants to see requests for that manufacturer/modality. There is no filtering on the site and nothing is stored here.

What does it cost?

Nothing. There are no fees for users or dealers.

How do I make a request?
  1. Click here.
  2. Press "click here to source your parts" on the new page.
  3. Fill in the three fields (category, part needed, contact info) and submit.
How can I register?

You need an invitation from another registered dealer. Ssend a mail to simplexable@gmail.com and we'll try to verify your dealer status and invite you ourselves. There is no direct public access to sourcerer because this is a private dealer-to-dealer portal.

When you receive an invite, just click on the link and you are immediately registered.

How does sourcerer contact me?

All registered dealers have access to their account settings. You can add or remove mobile numbers and email addresses at will. We do not edit or filter these settings. If you have 10 members in your sales group, you can add them all if desired.

When sourcerer sees a new e-mail address or phone number for you, it sends a confirmation link. Click just once to add the method to your profile.

Want to remove an email or phone? Just take it off the list and exit the field. All done.

IMPORTANT: Our current support for non-USA phone numbers is not that strong due to some issues with our external SMS-service provider. If you are having trouble, we want to know via simplexable@gmail.com.

How do I pick what I want sourcerer to feed me?

Select a category (manufacturer:modality) in “account”. If you select "Siemens:MRI", you are going to get every Siemens MRI parts request fed through the system.

I need another manufacturer or modality

Send an email to simplexable@gmail.com and we'll take care of it.

“What's in it for you?”

sourcerer was built for the benefit of one of our principals who wants to be able to push a parts need to his colleagues in seconds. He also wanted his colleagues to easily reach him with opportunities as well. We built it for his use, and for the general good of the community.

We do have other products which we do sell and you're welcome to visit us at simplexable.is for more details.