posted 2017.11.20 by Clark Wilkins, Simplexable
Sourcerer 1.0

Good day and welcome to Sourcerer v1.0. This website will be a private interchange system where registered dealers can quickly ask each other for parts they need to fulfill their client deals (and quite possibly internal needs as well). The "rules" are as follows:

  1. Only validated dealers will be allowed to use Sourcerer. The reason is that we don't want to create an environment where if you invite a dealer to Sourcerer, you find yourself in direct competition with them for a retail lead that originates here. This is intended to act as a “switchboard” where you can reach out to all dealers in the network who are involved in your area of interest.
  2. There is no “registration” process for Sourcerer. A dealer can only gain access by invitation from an existing member. In some cases, Simplexable may invite the dealer if we're satisfied that their credentials are valid. We take no positions on the “quality” of a dealer.
  3. There are no fees for usage of sourcerer. Our operating costs are quite low, and the service is sponsored by Back of the Napkin Enterprises (one of the founding members, and also the owner of Simplexable).
  4. All requests are passed immediately to all interested dealers. Requests will not be filtered, will not be evaluated, and will not be stored. It's up to you to supply valid parts and contact information so other dealers can meet your needs.

Since we don't monitor or mediate the use of Sourcerer, we ask that you remember to act in a civil fashion, avoid sending advertisements or inappropriate content, and be professional. But just as important, we ask that you respond to your fellow dealers and invite people to join us. Let's make this work!